Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming.....

Yesterday, the girls (with my help!) hosted a Christmas Tea Party for just a few of their friends. We used to do one years ago but since we've moved here and hosted a big Open House each December, we haven't been able too. This year, I cut out any non-essential activities so we could focus on stuff we truly wanted to do to help us celebrate the season.

The girls had a blast! It was fun to watch them all have such a good time. The one and only activity I had planned for them after their Chai Tea, hot chocolate and goodies was to make gingerbread houses. I was a tad worried about 8 little girls with frosting, graham crackers and candy but they did great and really didn't make tooo big of a mess. :)

Here's my girls with their creations!

Robi-bird. I made her move over since the point was to see the house. Miss Poser.

Chandler-bean. She's a pro cuz she made one a week ago in school.

Jaci. She's got Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause on top of the house and a couple reindeer around the house. One is dead. Seriously. But I don't know why.

And here's my goobers in their lovely Christmas outfits, acting....not-so-lovely. ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"did you hear that funny voice?"

Monday night was Robi-bird's first 'real' school program. She was very excited! She was created for the stage for sure.

The kindergartners and first graders performed "The Elves' Impersonator" together. Most of the speaking parts went to the 1st graders but Robin had a short line, which she spoke along with a friend.

Not a nervous bone in her body!

She's smack dab in the middle of this photo - 2nd row with the big red bow.

the whole crew

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

for memories' sake

I need to post photos of Little Bird's Kindergarten program but not taking the time to download stuff now so....

For memories' sake, I wanted to post what my days look like {when we're home} this season.

I'm up first, around 6:30/6:45, then on to wake the kiddos.

If there's lunches to be made, I do those while they get ready. They are big enough to pretty much get themselves ready. And we only do cereal or toast for breakfast, so there's no cooking in the morning. Unless it's ramen noodles for their thermos'.

Mitch leaves to take them to school about 7:45 - then I'm on my own for a while.

Usually I like to sit and FINISH a cup of coffee, often at the computer - like now.

Sometimes, I'll shower next but often I'll jump right into my list for the day. Cleaning, baking, laundry, church computer work..... whatever the day looks like. Or I'll just sit until Mitch gets home from taking the kids. Because...

When Mitch gets home, we usually make an egg breakfast - 1 egg with toast or an english muffin. Good time to connect with My Beloved.

When he leaves, I work around the house more and try to have my shower done and be 'beautiful' before he gets back around noon for lunch. Lunch is a minor meal but we usually enjoy it together.

He usually heads back to church between 1 and 1:30 so I try to get things done again until I leave to pick the kids up at 2:35. I leave early to get a parking place. School doesn't get out til 3:15. I usually take a book or even the laptop to be productive while I wait for the 20 minutes once I get there.

Once we get back home around 3:40, it's a free for all. Homework, chores, craziness. Supper is usually on the table by 5:30 or 6:00, so depending on that prep, I work on that.

If we happen to have an evening home, we try to hang out as a family. Like last night, we watched a movie. Evenings are kind of a blur, I guess. Probably because it's so rare to have one at home. :)

That's a general day at home. Of course, I don't get those often. :) It seems I have to make trips to town more than I think I should. And often we are 'on the road' at some point in a week so there's extra laundry and packing.

Since it seems life moves in seasons, I thought I might like to look back a year from now and remember when..... :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

uh, duh

Robin's best friend this year is a little guy we hear much about, nearly everyday. I've met him and know who his mom is and am happy she's found a good friend in Kindergarten.

The fact that Konner is the opposite gender gives reason for others to have fun with this one. But we're keeping things low-key at home.

After asking her why Konner is her friend, we had to laugh though. "He's so funny. And he has cute hair. And cute clothes." Mitch asked what she knows about 'cute'. Her reply - "Dad, I've seen cute people before" with that 'uh, duh' look every kid can give.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

a mountain of cushions and kiddos

So it's been just us gals this weekend. Here's what night number 1 looked like for them (i slept in my own bed, thank you very much). These are ALL the couch, loveseat, chair cushions they could muster. Then all the pillows and blankets off their beds. Fun stuff. I did pray that they wouldn't suffocate in the night. They were fine.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

daddy's princess

Today Robin was wearing a dress (not unusual) and down on her hands and knees with a dustpan and a wet rag, cleaning my kitchen floor. (not really sure why but it totally needed it!) Anyway, she randomly makes the comment, "Mom, I'm still Daddy's princess no matter what."

First of all, be still my heart. Secondly, what a revelation. Even if we're scrubbin' floors, we are still our Daddy's Princess.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

red ribbon week

The theme is to be 'Drug Free'. My kids are showing their commitment....

It's 'groovy' to 'lei off' drugs so go 'color your world' drug free. Public school silliness. ;)

Who's not afraid of the camera?

Sweet, hippy little Chandler

Totally disappointed she didn't have a grass skirt but I think she got over it.

And today it's time to "Sock it to Drugs"....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

school work

School projects are always the funnest, yes?

Jaci's piece of artwork - landforms

Columbus Day masterpieces by Chandler

A couple of Robin's pieces - gotta love the hat!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

God & Me!

I gave the girls each their own devotional book today. I guess they were a hit since the big girls have each done over 10 lessons! Robin hasn't got quite as far since she needs help. I'm thankful my girls are digging into God's Word - very cool!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Robin and Rico

Robin's class has a guinea pig. His name is Rico. And Rico came to visit us over the past weekend. That's my kinda pet. One that stays for a couple days to love on and then disappears indefinitely. No cages to wash out. Minimal poo on my floors. Yay.

Robin had a blast pampering Rico for 48 hours.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

parent teacher conference

Some comments written by the girls' teachers today...

"What a sweet girl!! Chandler is always polite and friendly to myself and others around her!"

"Chandler works very hard on completing assignments on time and neatly!"

"Jaci is a delight to have in class."

"Jaci is such a blessing to have in class! She is always asking how she can help, and a breath of fresh air with her positive attitude."

about Robin "friendly to everyone. doesn't let small problems bother her."
"she is quite an artist."
about her classroom behavior, "excellent!"

Makes me one proud mamma!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

raising your kids to be leaders - a good book

Braggin' on my kid - because that's what THIS blog is for. ;)

Jaci got invited to an all-day Leadership Seminar at a local college! And that's because she's on Student Council this year which I don't believe I've blogged about but it's a pretty good story.

If you want to be on Student Council, you write a small speech and give it to your class - then they vote. In 3rd grade, she did that {very nervously} and was heart-broken when she didn't win. In 4th grade, we talked her in to trying again but she ended up being sick at home the day they gave their speeches. THIS year, she came home one day and said "I made Student Council". Wow, we didn't even know the vote was coming up or that she was getting a speech ready. You go girlfriend!

Anyways, her leadership qualities are maturing and being noticed. I'm very proud of my girl!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

that's the way, uh-huh-uh-huh, I like it

It's easy to post about those times my kids drive me crazy. When they are sooo naughty (read previous post on the pen and pillow issue). But I thought I'd reminisce on last Sunday.

Mitch left around 8am to travel to a different church for the day. I was left to get kiddos and myself to church early. So I could not only preach, but manage the morning service and all that entails. Worship leader quirks, sound and multi-media issues, taking offering, announcements, blah blah blah.

Let me say that the kids were FABULOUS that morning. They got ready for church well and quickly, even Little Bird, who is prone to dawdling. They didn't get crazy in the hour and a half they had before church even started. In fact, Little Bird prayed with me for a while.

Then after church, I had given them the choice what they wanted for lunch {fully expecting to go into town to eat}, they chose noodles. Which I made and everyone ate. Jaci gave her leftover birthday candy bars {which have been in the fridge since July} to her sisters {and me}. Chandler wasn't even going to ask since last time Jaci about tore her head off when asked to share. This time Jaci said, "That was before. I'm generous now." Halleluia.

Thank You Jesus, for times when everything DOES go right.

Friday, September 12, 2008

it's a bumpy road, but someone has to travel it

Yesterday was a pretty bumpy day. I won't go into all the details, but when I heard the prophetic word that was spoken over my husband while he was away last night, I thought, "wow, this must be why we were battling hell here".

ONE of the many little bumps in the day was finding out from Jaci that Robin had written her name, IN PEN, on one of my couch pillows. I thought she was joking. Uh, no.

Can someone tell me WHY a 5 year old, who has NEVER done anything as permanent as this in her toddler life, chooses to do it now? She was disciplined, without a crack of a smile from me. Later though, I smiled as I thought how we will most certainly laugh at this in 10 or 20 years. Mainly because she told me the reason she did it is so people would know that it's ours. Huh? Whatever.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

76 trombones...

OK, maybe just one, not 76, but we do have a trombone {and eventually, a player} in the house now. Jaci, as a 5th grader, is in Beginning Band. And what does my tiny little 10 year old choose? The largest instrument a 5th grader can chose, of course. :) She's doing great so far though.

And Mitch and I were very blessed when we heard all her friends had chosen flute, yet Jaci didn't 'go with the crowd' but made her own decision. Maturity is becoming to you, my girl!

Friday, August 15, 2008

double digits

As well as yesterday being the 1st day of school, it was my oldest daughter's 10th birthday. Yay for birthdays!

Jaci Taylor was born 12 days late, at home. My hubby, my mom and a good friend with lots of home birth experience helped me labor this child into the world. Her birth was rocky but we had a good doc on the phone who talked us through some stuff and everything ended fine.

We celebrated the last ten years with a big pool party a few weeks ago. We had given Jaci a Webkinz at the end of July because it happened to be the "Pet of the Month" so she needed to get it registered before August. Her highlights were her other gift from us and I did those Monday evening. That left the gifts her sisters bought her {with their own money} to be opened yesterday before school. A bike basket and scrapbook paper. Goooood.

Our tradition has always been that the birthday celebrater gets to chose a place to eat out {or a meal for mom to cook but trust me, we usually eat out!}. Jaci wanted Applebee's. She's grown quite fond of mozzarella sticks and I'm a dumb enough mom to let her eat them for her meal. ;)

Jaci is a blessing to our family. She's cute and funny, crafty and witty, ambitious and responsible, and loves to sing and teach. She's been prophesied over that she will be in worship ministry and that she will be a little evangelist. She's a good friend and loves to bless others. I'm so proud of the beautiful young lady that God entrusted us with!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

off they go

Today is the day I've been dreading for a couple months now. First day of the new school year. It's not so much the school part but the 'end of my flexibility' season. But God knows my path and I guess it's best to trust Him. Here's the happy ladies ready to start another year...

The birthday girl - starting 5th grade!

My joy heading to 2nd grade. Quick story: This morning I made cinnamon rolls (don't get too excited, they were Pillsbury) Chandler was eating hers and Jaci commented that she "didn't feel like a cinnamon roll this morning". Chandler answers, "That's because you're not one!" What a goof!

The Kindergartner. I'm not sure what was up with waving with her fist but she did it for about 10 minutes. Whatever.

Even though it's blurry, I love this photo. All my girls, on their way to school. Sigh.

Jaci with her best friend. I'm not sure what they are chatting about, but it must be shocking by that look on her face. :) You can also see Jaci's newly done highlights. Not too shabby for her rookie hair dresser - her mamma.

We don't look too miserable do we? ;) Oh, on our way into class, we found out that Robin's preschool teacher from last year is now the para in her K class. What a blessing!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Nothing too major right now since I really ought to be heading to bed but....

School starts day after tomorrow. All 3 girls will go this year. My Little Bird is ready for Kindergarten. How did this happen?

I hope to take {and post} pictures of the whole first day of school thing.

Even though I have to confess, I'm totally dreading it. It just doesn't seem right that summer is already over and I have to live by a schedule again. Honestly.

Also happening on Thursday is my oldest princess's 10th birthday. Yikes. Double digits. She's really disgusted that she has to go back to school ON her birthday. Heck, I would be too.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby

My little Robi bird turned 5 on Tuesday! We've had some serious celebratin' happening this week and I HAVE taken some photos. But I'm just too busy to post them right yet.

So for now, Happy Birthday to my baby. All grown up and ready for kindergarten. {sniff} This gal's got some serious spunk and passion packed inside. And it's been a riot these last 5 years.

I'm committed to storing recent memories of her going around with her 'magic wand' asking "what do you want to be turned into?" Um, maybe we've gone a little overboard with Disney's Cinderella? Anyways, life just wouldn't be the same without my 3rd born child!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

100th post tribute

This is my 100th post on this blog! Yay me. I thought I would dedicate this 100th post to my kids and give tribute to each one and their God-given little personalities.

Jaci Taylor.... will turn 10 in just a few short weeks. Jaci means beautiful - and she is. Her middle name means maker or creator and she does have a passion for creating. Most will tell you that Jaci is the spittin' image of her mamma. And she is. Though, she will argue with you til the end - that's her competitive side. :) She is responsible and takes initiative to get things done. Jaci has very high expectations of herself and of life. (hmmm, wonder where that comes from?) One of Jaci's callings is in the area of worship. I believe that deep in her are the leadership abilities to lead hundreds in worship of our King. Jaci's sense of style is quite eclectic and she shocked me when she told me she would like to dye her hair jet black with bright magenta highlights!

Chandler Hope.... is 7 1/2 years old - my only winter baby. Put together, Chandler's full name means light of hope. She was born at the beginning of one of the most difficult years of our lives. She was our hope in the midst of hard times. Chandler lights up a room with her goofy personality. She loves to make people laugh, or at least put a smile on their face. She is the compliant, easy going, middle child, striving to please Mitch and I. She is definitely 'Daddy's girl' and is often found cuddled up in his lap. Chandler is extremely generous, often spending all her {infrequent} allowance on others. She has gifting in the prophetic and is sensitive to supernatural things. Someday I'm sure she will minister right alongside her daddy, speaking God's intimate words of knowledge into people's hearts.

Robin Danielle.... will be 5 in just a week and a half. More than meaning little bird her
name means famous. And that she is - at five, she has more friends than I have had in my lifetime. Her middle name is the same as mine, meaning God is judge. Robin is what you call a free-spirit. She is flighty, sassy and dramatic. She makes me smile....and pull out my hair. :) Robin brings color to our world. The word PASSIONATE has described her since she was in my belly. I swear she never slept. And when she was born, she was the fiercest eater I ever fed. Robin is content playing by herself for hours on end - serious imagination. Out of that imagination comes songs, lots and lots of 'make it up as I go along' songs. Robin's giftings include worship and dance, two things you will always find her doing.

So those are my babies. My daughters of Mitch. Each uniquely individual. Yet, you could pick them out of a crowd as sisters. Our lives wouldn't be the same without one of them. They bless me, challenge me and keep me crying out to Jesus for wisdom.

I often feel so incompetent as a mother, though I know God has given me the task of stewarding and discipling these ladies for His glory. They belong to Him. Who they are now and what they will become. I only pray I can equip them for the journey God has called them to run.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

kid's project

So while My Beloved and I were putting together our new grill, the kids found themselves another project. Do you know how big the box is that a grill comes in? Big enough for a car for 3 small-ish girls!

They used utility knives, pocket knives, screwdrivers, a drill, pvc pipe, styrofoam, duct tape, and anything else they could find in daddy's workshop...

...including house paint!

Lookin' good sis-tahs!

What you don't see is the finished product. It has pedals, a steering wheel, door handles and all kinds of stuff. (I'll have to take another pic) Jaci was even asking Mitch if he had an extra light switch laying around they could use!

And lil' sis found another use for the leftover styrofoam....

Girly robots get pillows....

....and blankets!

See how happy she is!

Oh, how creative little brains are!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

celebration of Independence

Our 4th of July actually began the evening of July 3rd. Our little town has a yearly kiddie parade that was moved, this year, to the evening before. My kids usually participate in that and this year was no different, though I was really hoping we'd be out of town so I didn't make any preparations for the parade. My creative eldest daughter, thought up a cute (CHEAP & EASY) idea, so they participated for the 4th year running.

Here are the 'Beach Bums'! (someone asked if they were the Beach Babes - that woulda been smart but nah, they're the bums)

walking down to the starting block from our house

every beach bum needs their drink of choice in a cool cup

digging into the stash handed out to all the entrants at the end of the parade

Following the parade, was an incredible fireworks display put on by some guys from our church. Just a couple guys who enjoy throwing THOUSANDS of their own personal dollars into a pile to be burned up. :) They don't light anything by hand but wire everything and then flip switches. They do a tremendous job and it's REALLY LONG. Way longer than any big city display, I would guess.

The youth center of the town brought out the concessions including, cotton candy, nachos, chili dogs, pop and candy bars. (great way to come off a fast!) I hope this 3rd of July deal becomes a tradition because it was a fantastic evening! And left us free to enjoy the 4th of July in the town next door - posted about HERE.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

picnic day

Yesterday, I needed to make a trip into town so we took advantage of the beautiful day and picnicked at a little park. I think it's more of a walking trail with some grassy spots in between. We had a nice little hour of mommy/daughter bonding time!

Our picnic of meat and cheese rolled up on tortillas (or are those pitter patters?), grapes (for Mommy coming off her fast), goldfish crackers and chex mix. Oh, and the girls conned me into Jones soda for them.

Robin's got a cheek-full.

Someone did more talking than eating.

Smiley gal!

The view from our table....which I think we 'stole' from another family. Oops.

Off we go!

See behind them, where there's no railing? Robin freaked us all out by standing right on the edge for a while. She's a wild one!

Gotta climb the tree! And thank goodness, what they trekked through to get to it, wasn't poison ivy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

round & round, here we go again

Takin' some time for fun in a busy weekend!