Thursday, November 22, 2007

photos of the rooms



Monday, November 5, 2007

you're killin' me

Have I said how much my kids crack me up?

Mitch and I have been in discussion about getting rid of the cat. She's gotten really big since these days and she's pretty much a nuisance. The only child who would probably mourn this loss is Chandler. Tonight Mitch asked Chandler what she thought about letting Jane go live in the country, in someone's barn. (wink, wink) Chandler wanted to know "Why?"

"Because she's kinda a pain in the butt"

"Well, sometimes Robin is a pain in the butt." Implying that we would never get rid of little sister just because SHE was a pain in the butt. HA! What a smartie.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

our church's annual Harvest Party

Jaci is 'Kim Riley', an amazing woman from our church, worthy of being admired. She brought some of her own duds for Jaci to borrow for the night

Chandler is....Pink Panther. My creative bone amazes me (ha!). Chandler decided unwaveringly to be Pink Panther about 2 weeks ago. I'm glad the look didn't require too much ingenuity from me.

Robin wanted to be Cinderella. I'm glad that dress from a 'gently used' kids clothes store was her pick for a Cinderella dress. Throw in a tiara we already had and some new church shoes she needed anyway and wala, it's Cinderella!

So, my kids are brilliant at costumes. Pretty much everything I had to buy can be used in everyday use too - pink sweats, church clothes, pink headband (minus the foam ears)..... Yay for us not spending $20 + (each) on stuff we'll never wear again.

Oh, I even 'dressed up'. A camouflage shirt ($5 at Wal-Mart) with some jeans and my camo ballet flats - oh, and a black stocking cap. I was the Enemy's worst nightmare - secret agent style. Hehehe.