Tuesday, July 3, 2007

they are thrilled

Tomorrow's the BIG day. The kids parade here in our tiny little town. This is our 3rd year of participation. To some families here in town - this is a BIG deal. Like a Little Miss pageant, they spend way too much money and time on a float and dressing their kids up for the 3 blocks (or is it 2?) they coast through downtown.

Anyways, our idea's are usually pretty thrown together. Number 1, I'm not terribly creative. Number 2, it's a KID's parade, down 2-3 blocks with MAYBE 100 people watching, probably more like 50. And number 3, I want this to be FUN for my kids. I don't want them to have to endure phsyco-neurotic mom for a month because I'm 'getting the float ready'. (plus with SIXTEEN judging categories, everyone wins (a $10 giftcard to WalMart).

Wow. I guess I have some pretty serious issues about this deal. I feel better. :o)

All that said, my kids are being cheerleaders . I bought cheap little white skirts, cheap little red tank-tops, and cheap little white shoes for girls that needed them. My splurge? Little mascot tattoos for their cheeks. And they are thrilled.

Oh, in other news....Channer-bean has just about mastered riding her bike, sans-training wheels! The only practice still needed is the starting part. Yay for my 6 year old!

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