Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming.....

Yesterday, the girls (with my help!) hosted a Christmas Tea Party for just a few of their friends. We used to do one years ago but since we've moved here and hosted a big Open House each December, we haven't been able too. This year, I cut out any non-essential activities so we could focus on stuff we truly wanted to do to help us celebrate the season.

The girls had a blast! It was fun to watch them all have such a good time. The one and only activity I had planned for them after their Chai Tea, hot chocolate and goodies was to make gingerbread houses. I was a tad worried about 8 little girls with frosting, graham crackers and candy but they did great and really didn't make tooo big of a mess. :)

Here's my girls with their creations!

Robi-bird. I made her move over since the point was to see the house. Miss Poser.

Chandler-bean. She's a pro cuz she made one a week ago in school.

Jaci. She's got Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause on top of the house and a couple reindeer around the house. One is dead. Seriously. But I don't know why.

And here's my goobers in their lovely Christmas outfits, acting....not-so-lovely. ;)


DidiLyn said...

Oh, they ARE lovely goobers, and I love to see them acting like they FEEL.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Sarah @ this Beautiful Mess said...