Friday, August 15, 2008

double digits

As well as yesterday being the 1st day of school, it was my oldest daughter's 10th birthday. Yay for birthdays!

Jaci Taylor was born 12 days late, at home. My hubby, my mom and a good friend with lots of home birth experience helped me labor this child into the world. Her birth was rocky but we had a good doc on the phone who talked us through some stuff and everything ended fine.

We celebrated the last ten years with a big pool party a few weeks ago. We had given Jaci a Webkinz at the end of July because it happened to be the "Pet of the Month" so she needed to get it registered before August. Her highlights were her other gift from us and I did those Monday evening. That left the gifts her sisters bought her {with their own money} to be opened yesterday before school. A bike basket and scrapbook paper. Goooood.

Our tradition has always been that the birthday celebrater gets to chose a place to eat out {or a meal for mom to cook but trust me, we usually eat out!}. Jaci wanted Applebee's. She's grown quite fond of mozzarella sticks and I'm a dumb enough mom to let her eat them for her meal. ;)

Jaci is a blessing to our family. She's cute and funny, crafty and witty, ambitious and responsible, and loves to sing and teach. She's been prophesied over that she will be in worship ministry and that she will be a little evangelist. She's a good friend and loves to bless others. I'm so proud of the beautiful young lady that God entrusted us with!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

off they go

Today is the day I've been dreading for a couple months now. First day of the new school year. It's not so much the school part but the 'end of my flexibility' season. But God knows my path and I guess it's best to trust Him. Here's the happy ladies ready to start another year...

The birthday girl - starting 5th grade!

My joy heading to 2nd grade. Quick story: This morning I made cinnamon rolls (don't get too excited, they were Pillsbury) Chandler was eating hers and Jaci commented that she "didn't feel like a cinnamon roll this morning". Chandler answers, "That's because you're not one!" What a goof!

The Kindergartner. I'm not sure what was up with waving with her fist but she did it for about 10 minutes. Whatever.

Even though it's blurry, I love this photo. All my girls, on their way to school. Sigh.

Jaci with her best friend. I'm not sure what they are chatting about, but it must be shocking by that look on her face. :) You can also see Jaci's newly done highlights. Not too shabby for her rookie hair dresser - her mamma.

We don't look too miserable do we? ;) Oh, on our way into class, we found out that Robin's preschool teacher from last year is now the para in her K class. What a blessing!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Nothing too major right now since I really ought to be heading to bed but....

School starts day after tomorrow. All 3 girls will go this year. My Little Bird is ready for Kindergarten. How did this happen?

I hope to take {and post} pictures of the whole first day of school thing.

Even though I have to confess, I'm totally dreading it. It just doesn't seem right that summer is already over and I have to live by a schedule again. Honestly.

Also happening on Thursday is my oldest princess's 10th birthday. Yikes. Double digits. She's really disgusted that she has to go back to school ON her birthday. Heck, I would be too.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby

My little Robi bird turned 5 on Tuesday! We've had some serious celebratin' happening this week and I HAVE taken some photos. But I'm just too busy to post them right yet.

So for now, Happy Birthday to my baby. All grown up and ready for kindergarten. {sniff} This gal's got some serious spunk and passion packed inside. And it's been a riot these last 5 years.

I'm committed to storing recent memories of her going around with her 'magic wand' asking "what do you want to be turned into?" Um, maybe we've gone a little overboard with Disney's Cinderella? Anyways, life just wouldn't be the same without my 3rd born child!