Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming.....

Yesterday, the girls (with my help!) hosted a Christmas Tea Party for just a few of their friends. We used to do one years ago but since we've moved here and hosted a big Open House each December, we haven't been able too. This year, I cut out any non-essential activities so we could focus on stuff we truly wanted to do to help us celebrate the season.

The girls had a blast! It was fun to watch them all have such a good time. The one and only activity I had planned for them after their Chai Tea, hot chocolate and goodies was to make gingerbread houses. I was a tad worried about 8 little girls with frosting, graham crackers and candy but they did great and really didn't make tooo big of a mess. :)

Here's my girls with their creations!

Robi-bird. I made her move over since the point was to see the house. Miss Poser.

Chandler-bean. She's a pro cuz she made one a week ago in school.

Jaci. She's got Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause on top of the house and a couple reindeer around the house. One is dead. Seriously. But I don't know why.

And here's my goobers in their lovely Christmas outfits, acting....not-so-lovely. ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"did you hear that funny voice?"

Monday night was Robi-bird's first 'real' school program. She was very excited! She was created for the stage for sure.

The kindergartners and first graders performed "The Elves' Impersonator" together. Most of the speaking parts went to the 1st graders but Robin had a short line, which she spoke along with a friend.

Not a nervous bone in her body!

She's smack dab in the middle of this photo - 2nd row with the big red bow.

the whole crew

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

for memories' sake

I need to post photos of Little Bird's Kindergarten program but not taking the time to download stuff now so....

For memories' sake, I wanted to post what my days look like {when we're home} this season.

I'm up first, around 6:30/6:45, then on to wake the kiddos.

If there's lunches to be made, I do those while they get ready. They are big enough to pretty much get themselves ready. And we only do cereal or toast for breakfast, so there's no cooking in the morning. Unless it's ramen noodles for their thermos'.

Mitch leaves to take them to school about 7:45 - then I'm on my own for a while.

Usually I like to sit and FINISH a cup of coffee, often at the computer - like now.

Sometimes, I'll shower next but often I'll jump right into my list for the day. Cleaning, baking, laundry, church computer work..... whatever the day looks like. Or I'll just sit until Mitch gets home from taking the kids. Because...

When Mitch gets home, we usually make an egg breakfast - 1 egg with toast or an english muffin. Good time to connect with My Beloved.

When he leaves, I work around the house more and try to have my shower done and be 'beautiful' before he gets back around noon for lunch. Lunch is a minor meal but we usually enjoy it together.

He usually heads back to church between 1 and 1:30 so I try to get things done again until I leave to pick the kids up at 2:35. I leave early to get a parking place. School doesn't get out til 3:15. I usually take a book or even the laptop to be productive while I wait for the 20 minutes once I get there.

Once we get back home around 3:40, it's a free for all. Homework, chores, craziness. Supper is usually on the table by 5:30 or 6:00, so depending on that prep, I work on that.

If we happen to have an evening home, we try to hang out as a family. Like last night, we watched a movie. Evenings are kind of a blur, I guess. Probably because it's so rare to have one at home. :)

That's a general day at home. Of course, I don't get those often. :) It seems I have to make trips to town more than I think I should. And often we are 'on the road' at some point in a week so there's extra laundry and packing.

Since it seems life moves in seasons, I thought I might like to look back a year from now and remember when..... :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

uh, duh

Robin's best friend this year is a little guy we hear much about, nearly everyday. I've met him and know who his mom is and am happy she's found a good friend in Kindergarten.

The fact that Konner is the opposite gender gives reason for others to have fun with this one. But we're keeping things low-key at home.

After asking her why Konner is her friend, we had to laugh though. "He's so funny. And he has cute hair. And cute clothes." Mitch asked what she knows about 'cute'. Her reply - "Dad, I've seen cute people before" with that 'uh, duh' look every kid can give.