Tuesday, April 15, 2008

birthday glory

I'm going to continue reveling in my 30th birthday glory for another minute over here too. Sorry.

My kids each bought me a gift 'from them'. They were excellent choices. Each one.

Jaci bought me jewelry. Black necklace and black and silver bangle bracelets. With them, a card. In it, written: Thirty is great. It is the beginning of a new life. Your eldest daughter, Jaci
She's 9.

Chandler bought me scissors. (mine disappeared a while back and this indeed, was a fabulous gift) In her card? Thirty is good. Thirty is a birdy. From your middle child.
Have a told you what a nut this one is?

Robin bought a candle. A oh-so-yummy-smelling fruity, gel, jar candle. She didn't have any amazing words of wisdom, just I LOVE YOU. I'll take it!

I know I was sick but, man, I was tearing up, feeling totally blessed, when they piled into my bed, bearing gifts that morning. Here's me and my 'middle child', helping me be happy at my surprise party.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

all growed up

My baby just went on her first sleepover last night. (sniff, sniff) I wasn't home.

She's stayed at Memo's (my mom's) lots of times and also a couple family friend's houses, while Mitch and I were away. But that was with her sisters and was instigated by mom and dad.

Last night was her staying - with a friend - by herself. I guess she's all growed up now. I also know this because her daddy just saw her swinging outside. And she can pump all by herself. Sigh.

And while I'm in this mommy mode, can I recommend to you an amazing book that will make you cry? A teacher showed me "Let Me Hold You Longer" a couple weeks ago - she warned me to grab the kleenex. Yep, I needed it.

My Robi-bird (12/06)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter 2008

Me and my crew

My princesses

It's nice to have an 'acting big brother'
(a great friend from church)

It's the eggs - that horror of horrors, I didn't quite get HARD boiled. Soft-boiled easter eggs are not so resilient and quite messy to clean up after a lively easter egg hunt.