Wednesday, July 2, 2008

picnic day

Yesterday, I needed to make a trip into town so we took advantage of the beautiful day and picnicked at a little park. I think it's more of a walking trail with some grassy spots in between. We had a nice little hour of mommy/daughter bonding time!

Our picnic of meat and cheese rolled up on tortillas (or are those pitter patters?), grapes (for Mommy coming off her fast), goldfish crackers and chex mix. Oh, and the girls conned me into Jones soda for them.

Robin's got a cheek-full.

Someone did more talking than eating.

Smiley gal!

The view from our table....which I think we 'stole' from another family. Oops.

Off we go!

See behind them, where there's no railing? Robin freaked us all out by standing right on the edge for a while. She's a wild one!

Gotta climb the tree! And thank goodness, what they trekked through to get to it, wasn't poison ivy!


elena jane said...

what a lovely day out :)

DidiLyn said...

I enjoyed having a picnic and trailwalk with you and the girls. Thanks for the pictures. :-)