Sunday, September 30, 2007

if the shoe fits

My kids really do crack me up on a daily basis. Even on days (like last night) when I want to tie them to the couch because they are soooo 'outta control' at Wal-Mart. But thank God, we live through those moments to indulge in the next 'melt mamma's heart' moment.

A crack me up kinda moment... Chandler put a sign on her door. It says, "If the shoe fits.... tie it". What?!?! Apparently, they have this sign at school. And she wanted a replicate on her bedroom door. Okaaayyy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I suggest....

Robin had preschool this morning which meant she needed to get up at the same time as the big girls. Last night, as I was putting them to bed, she told me, "I w'gest you wake me up." Very good suggestion, darling.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my kids make me laugh

After this post and the last you'll think I'm a completely heathen mamma...

This morning on the way to school, the kids were pretty wound up. Chalk it up to Daddy coming home tonight or something.

Chandler sings, *"Move your body nice, and smooth and saucy..."

Do you think she's seen 'Madagascar' too many times? I'm sure I won't laugh near as much in ten years if she really is moving her body nice and smooth and saucy but today it was doggone funny.

* That's her exact words. I'm not sure of the exact lyrics, really.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

dirty little secrets

I pay my kids a dime each day for taking a vitamin.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

cold lunches

I was going to comment on the comment on the last post and figured it probably would be too long. So, though I have no real ingenious ideas, here's what goes into the lunch boxes of my girls....

Sandwiches - turkey, cheese, pb (no j for my picky kids)

Pasta Salad - toss leftover pasta with some italian dressing and that makes my girls happy. you could throw some chopped veggies, diced cheese, pepperoni, diced ham or whatever they like.

Meat, Cheese, Crackers

Lettuce Salad - this is a rarity, but sometimes Jaci wants salad. she doesn't like anything extravagant so it works for me.

Cold wraps - anything you put on sandwiches can go in a tortilla. Chandler has had me melt cheese on a tortilla and wrap it in foil with hopes it would still be warm at lunch. I don't think it was, but she didn't mind. of course, now maybe I could squish it into a thermos, eh Cindy? :)

Speaking of thermos... We bought cheap thermoses this year (and may have to upgrade) but that does open up a world of possibilities.

Ramen Noodles, Soups, cheesy burritos....

My kids don't like chips and salsa but if they did, I'd do that. I don't buy things lunch-box convenience-packaged very often (we go through LOTS of snack-sized baggies) but every once in a while I let them pick a Lunchable.

We have a rule, they have to take a fruit or veggie. Usually it's carrot sticks or apple wedges. I dip the apple wedges in lemon juice to keep them from turning brown before lunch. Sometimes, Chandler will do a banana or grapes. They don't like canned fruit, otherwise you could do cute little fruit cups. :)

They usually throw in pretzels or chips. We love string cheese around here. Sometimes (rarely) I get fruit roll ups or fruit snacks. And right now I have a case of pudding in the cupboard from Sam's Club.

I bought little drink bottles that they filled with yucky Country Time powdered lemonade last year. This year I vowed to cut down on sugary drinks. They do water bottles (I splurged on the Aquapods) or juice packs because they don't drink milk really.

Kraft has a Lunchbox builder website. To me, it's basically a different spin on the same ol', same ol' but sometimes that's all ya need!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

how's school going?

We all seem to be acclimating well into the school year schedule. You'd think the girls have grown up all their lives in this school, the way it's all so natural to them. Even with new teachers, it's all good. So, what does our day look like since I'm no longer a homeschool mamma? So glad you asked. :o)

5:50 - I'm up and to the shower. I can rush and be ready in about 30-40 minutes but I like having a tad of time to sip a cup of coffee while applying my 'face'.

6:50 - I wake up the big girls and they have a 'gourmet' breakfast of a bowl of cold cereal or {the latest fave} a frozen Eggo.... with juice.

7:00 - I like to wake Robin up a little later so I don't have THREE kids barking breakfast orders. So after Jaci and Chandler are happily munching away, I bring the third child to the table.

While they munch, I've been reading the first verse of the Proverb of the day. We discuss what it means and how it applies to them and hopefully their day.

After they eat, it's off for clothes, hair and teeth. I'm already seeing that someone better move to the downstairs bathroom in the not too distant future because even three young girls in one bathroom is a trick!

Hopefully they're ready in time to feed and water the cat before we head out, otherwise she's left in daddy's care. To save time in the mornings, they pick their clothes out the night before and pack lunches the night before {if they don't like the hot lunch menu for the day}.

7:40 - We load up to pick up the other little chica who goes to preschool with Robin. Then we head east, their school is 18 minutes away...taking the interstate. (If we're running late, we take the dirt road - it saves us 4 minutes)

8:05 - We've dropped the big girls off and now I have 20 minutes to kill before I can drop the preschoolers off. Sometimes, I stop and get a cup of 'Jamaican me Crazy' coffee. It's good! Since, it's nice out, we usually play at the playground for a few minutes or take a little walk before going into preschool.

8:30 - Now, that I'm child-free, I head home. This is where my schedule gets fuzzy. Here are my 'intentions'....

Monday mornings - spend with hubby. It's his day off so we've declared it 'date morning'....after he returns from Romania anyway.

I'm hoping to spend that 9:00 hour with Jesus the rest of the days. Then I'll have a little time to breeze through some housework before heading to work at 11am on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Robin gets home from preschool around noon. So we eat lunch together and then do whatever's on the days list. Of course, now I'll be working some so those days are different....

2:40 - Time to head east again. The girls get out at 3:15 but I like to actually find a parking place so I like getting there around 3.

3:40 - When we get home, the girls have a snack and work on homework - which has been very light so far. (yay)

5:00 - I begin supper prep (oh yeah, I'll have to cook again since hubby's done with his fast) and we eat between 5:30 and 6pm.

8:00 - The girls begin their 'next day prep' {lunches, clothes, backpacks} and then get into pj's so they can mellow down before heading to bed about 8:30. If it's before 9, I like to read to them from a 'classic' and we started "Little Women" but haven't read for a week or so. The version of Little Women I started, I hate. It's huge and intimidating to ME so I'll either find the original or maybe move on to something else.

I forgot how nice it is to have an hour, or two, (or three...) to wind down before heading to bed myself. My PLAN is to work out after the girls are down - either jog (while it's still nice outside) or pop in a kick-boxing video. We'll see how this goes.

So there's a, a somewhat detailed version of what a day looks like at my house!