Friday, March 21, 2008

random photos from the last couple weeks

Super Sunday! Chandler with a friend.

My little Robi-bird with baby Phin (belonging to this hip chic)

Jaci with her student teacher who left a couple weeks ago. (she called Jaci her little twin)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

one heckuva man

I've been blessed the last few weeks while observing My Beloved be Daddy to his girls. He has taken over taking the girls to school 2 mornings a week. Those 20 minute morning drives are filled with Daddy and his girls talking to Jesus in their 'tongues'. He told me their focus right now is our finances. Bless God.

And then lately {like the last 2 days} it's been really nice outside. Mitch and the three girls have been playing baseball in the front yard. Looks like they all have quite a hit when Daddy pitches to them. I've heard about more 'homers' in the last 48 hours than I have in my life.

Oh, one more. I had a Ladies Night at church last night. Mitch made chocolate chip cookies with the girls. And just know, the kitchen is not Mitch's natural habitat. The few cookies that actually got baked - they ate most of the dough - were pretty stinkin' good.

I am blessed. My girls are blessed. We got ourselves one heckuva man in this house!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

just plain weird

A few years ago, when I had three children 5 and under, I dreamed of even 20 minutes alone. It seemed like 'me time' was non-existent, as it probably was.

Today, I'm home again, though just for an hour, by myself. Mitch is still at work and the girls at an hour long after-school class at a church (not ours). This is after 2 kids were in school all day. One was at preschool for the morning. I had bible study so technically, I wasn't alone this morning. But my point is this, I never dreamed I would have so much 'alone time'. If you would have told me, in the midst of diapers and 'juicie', that I would have a quiet house with no little people chattering, in just a few short years. Honestly, I would have laughed.

Now some would say it's wrong or selfish to have the kids gone for multiple hours during the day. Some would be rejoicing at activities that keep the kids away and the house quiet. I just say, it's weird. It's not good, not bad. Just plain weird.