Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby

My little Robi bird turned 5 on Tuesday! We've had some serious celebratin' happening this week and I HAVE taken some photos. But I'm just too busy to post them right yet.

So for now, Happy Birthday to my baby. All grown up and ready for kindergarten. {sniff} This gal's got some serious spunk and passion packed inside. And it's been a riot these last 5 years.

I'm committed to storing recent memories of her going around with her 'magic wand' asking "what do you want to be turned into?" Um, maybe we've gone a little overboard with Disney's Cinderella? Anyways, life just wouldn't be the same without my 3rd born child!

1 comment:

Erin said...

I remember so fondly when my third daughter came along and I knew from the get go that she was just "a horse of a different color". And your post has reminded me of my Kyla.

And I am sure you know that sending a child to school the first time is so difficult. I am about to do that with my "horse of a different color" too! Oh man!!!! When did these 5 years sneak by!