Thursday, June 28, 2007

a regular post

I started to comment on the comment on the last post and it turned out quite long (as a comment) so I'll turn it into a regular post....

It was a grace filled day. The kids did really good with the food limitations. My middle one (6) even did fruits and veggies only all day until about 5:30. If you knew our family, you'd know this is quite a feat.

The other 2 just cut out sugary things, including the beloved 'pink lemondade' which is actually koolaid, ya know. Again, a pretty big deal for them.

We had a good prayer time in the evening and I prayed blessing over them, using their name meanings as a reference. Pretty cool!

Now we just stand still and see what the Lord will do....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

in the middle of it all

Tomorrow has been dubbed an all church day of consecration for our local body. My Beloved has called people to fast - however they feel led - and then come for a time of prayer in the evening. Of course, in our home, this filters down to the kiddos.

We discussed tonight what they would do. I know their little minds don't fully grasp the 'fasting principle' - heck, I don't think I do. But we all know we are giving something up to show Jesus that we love Him more....more than our favorite ________. (For me, every type of physical food is my favorite so I have to give it ALL up. :o>)

So, I'm praying for grace. For me. For the girls to experience God in a real way, a way that their short years will know Him as reality. I believe this will be a sacred day in the life of our Body. Not that we've never spent time seeking Him in this way before. But, this is a NOW moment for us. And I want my girls to be right in the middle of it all.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

lest parents of boys think....

.....that parents of girls don't get the 'gross out' moments. A story for ya...

Today I was doing some much needed housework. After our week of swimming lessons and VBS'ing - the house was in dire need of some tender loving care. (the fact we're having 2 families over for lunch tomorrow didn't have anything to do with it - ha!) Anyways, I was doing some housework and noticed a couple windows on our french doors into our sunroom were pretty smudged so I grabbed the Windex and knelt down. As I approached the window, I realized what the smudge was - BOOGERS! Oh. my. Gosh. Of course, it was the doing of the 3 y.o. She grabbed a kleenex and 'got it'. Yeah, right. I did some serious scrubbing with Windex and papertowels to get that smear off. Deee-scus-ting!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

cowboy lapse

The girls, especially the older ones, have the worst sunburns they've probably ever had. They never really burn beyond pink cheeks and shoulders but 8 hours in the sun over 2 days did them in.

Since we don't have swimming lessons tomorrow, we're going to lounge around shirt-less and watch movies tomorrow. (well, I don't have a sunburn so I'll keep mine on!) No swimming lessons also means we get to catch up on sleep a little before tomorrow night's VBS finale. Wah-Hoo! (click the link to understand why I just had a cowboy lapse)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

$15 total

This was the first day of swimming lessons because of rain yesterday morning. The 2 older girls were signed up and ready to roll. I had decided against having Robin take this year because I wasn't sure she was tall enough and she was OK with not taking.

Well, we found out all her friends were starting up this year so she (and I) decided to give it a shot. She LOVED it. She has one of the most passionate personalities of anyone I know - and the lifeguard's got a taste of that today. Makes me giggle.

Tomorrow this foursome of 3 and 4 year olds will jump off the diving board for probably the first times in their little lives. Robin's pumped. (we'll see how pumped she is when she gets out there tomorrow) Fun times.

I love our small town pool. Our family of 5 swims all summer for $50. The 3 kids take 2 weeks of lessons for $15 TOTAL. How great is that?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

little athlete & a clear picture

(just mamma's ramblings here. for documentary purposes.)

Jaci had Volleyball Camp last week. Four afternoons. She really liked it and apparently did pretty well. She earned a certificate that they didn't just pass out to everyone.

She also is in the middle of softball season. This is only her second year but she enjoys that too.

This opposite-of-sporty mamma has herself a little athlete in the making. I'm proud of her.


In other kid happenings....

Last Wednesday Jesus chose to reveal Himself to my girls in a very real way. We were at prayer and the kids were doing their own thing. No problem so far.

Earlier in the day, the youngest 2 were playing at the neighbor's and I told them NOT to get wet. (the wading pool was out)

So back to prayer. Jaci came in after prayer, soaked and said, "I accidentally got wet." Yeah, right. I, evidently, wasn't clear on my non-approval and she went back and continued playing in the water.

As we are just about to get in the car, Chandler comes over, soaked. She KNEW the no-getting-wet-rule so this was in the spanking realm. I gave the needed warning and we headed home.

They were both sent to put pj's on and wait for discipline. That minute I got a phone call. The neighbor, taking full blame for them both getting wet. Now, it was not his fault they got wet and I contemplated carrying out full judgment. BUT I got a Holy Spirit nudge to use this as a picture of Jesus.

They were both guilty, deserving of punishment. YET someone else was accepting full responsibility for their wrong doing. What a clear picture of the Gospel, eh?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

totally unscripted

This happened a week ago (june 3) but I don't want to forget...

We were sitting visiting with a couple guys after our 20-somethings group, and Robin all the sudden ran and jumped on Mitch's lap. She whispered in his ear, "I wanna pray." And so she did. She prayed for the guys and our family and that was that.

Totally unscripted, unprompted, but beautiful.

Friday, June 1, 2007

barbarian spirit

So my kids are inheriting the 'barbarian spirit'. The city pool opened today and it was freeeeezing. No joke. They just filled the pool this week. The weather has been very spring like, low 70's. And there is no heater in pool. Today's high was like 72 or something and it rained off and on. BUT the pool opened regardless and we were there. I went fully clothed and had goosebumps sitting there beside the pool. But my kids can say they were there on Day 1. They're nuts I tell ya!