Sunday, December 23, 2007

a lullaby of love....

The kids sang a few Christmas songs this morning. They did a great job - standing nice, singing nice and exiting nice. Of course, we had a nose picker or two but you just can't have a kids' event without that can you now? :)

If you're thinking we have an abnormal amount of black children for a tiny town right in the middle of the US. You're right. We are quite multi-cultural for Hick-ville, Nebraska! It's awesome.

If you haven't guessed from seeing other photos - my two older girls are in the back row. Chandler at the far left in the back row. Jaci is fourth from the right in the back row. Robin is second in on the left in the front row. She just commented on how she got to stand between her two best friends. And so she did.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

me an' my girls

See our pretty nails? After taking off work an hour early so I could pick the kids up on their last day of school before Christmas break - we headed to the city. The salon I get my acrylic nails done at, polishes young girls' (6 and under) nails free. So for a whole $18 I got my fill & polish and my 3 girls' nails polished. Not a bad price for 3 (well, 4) grinning princesses!

I decided to go all out and took the girls to Cold Stone for some fantastic ice cream (hello, Mudpie Mojo!) before heading back home to Daddy. We even stopped and picked up pizza on the way home. I think this could become a 'tradition' - if we actually had traditions in our family. {Ya see, we're liquid. We don't do things the same twice, ever. We kinda f-l-o-w through life. Really. It's my husband's fault. ;) }

Anyhoo, the fun has begun and will continue for 2 whole weeks while the girlies are stuck with Mommy, all day, everyday!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

4 year old conversation

As I was taking my 4 year old and her little friend to preschool the other day, this is the conversation I overheard. Mind you, they are FOUR -not fourteen!

Robin: My Dad is WEIRD! Not my Mom. Just my Dad is weird.

Friend: Well, my Dad AND my Mom are weird!

I tm'd hubby to let him know the news. He disagrees. :)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

generosity with a selfish twist

The girls all took some {hard-earned} money to Dollar Tree last night and bought gifts. Jaci and Chandler bought for our immediate family and then a friend or two. Robin bought one gift for a little friend and a pair of high heels ( you know the cheap, plastic kind) for herself. But today, while everyone was wrapping gifts, she decided those shoes should go to another one of her friends. Because, "OTHER people are supposed to buy me stuff, Mom". Very generous of you 3rd born daughter - even if there was a selfish twist to it.

So here's the kiddos holding their self-bought and self-wrapped gifts, that they are DYING to give NOW, in front of our tree - bought today in 16 degree weather (probably with a negative wind chill). Fun memories.

Monday, December 3, 2007

good golly

I already have to holler at my 4 year old (NUMEROUS times) to TURN DOWN THE RADIO. Good golly. What is it going to be like when she's 14?