Sunday, July 6, 2008

celebration of Independence

Our 4th of July actually began the evening of July 3rd. Our little town has a yearly kiddie parade that was moved, this year, to the evening before. My kids usually participate in that and this year was no different, though I was really hoping we'd be out of town so I didn't make any preparations for the parade. My creative eldest daughter, thought up a cute (CHEAP & EASY) idea, so they participated for the 4th year running.

Here are the 'Beach Bums'! (someone asked if they were the Beach Babes - that woulda been smart but nah, they're the bums)

walking down to the starting block from our house

every beach bum needs their drink of choice in a cool cup

digging into the stash handed out to all the entrants at the end of the parade

Following the parade, was an incredible fireworks display put on by some guys from our church. Just a couple guys who enjoy throwing THOUSANDS of their own personal dollars into a pile to be burned up. :) They don't light anything by hand but wire everything and then flip switches. They do a tremendous job and it's REALLY LONG. Way longer than any big city display, I would guess.

The youth center of the town brought out the concessions including, cotton candy, nachos, chili dogs, pop and candy bars. (great way to come off a fast!) I hope this 3rd of July deal becomes a tradition because it was a fantastic evening! And left us free to enjoy the 4th of July in the town next door - posted about HERE.


reallyniceday said...

Aaahhh, I shoulda sent jaci's clothes in the mail. Her swimsuit would have been really cute for the Fourth.

elena jane said...

what a fun 4th of july...i love local parades and fireworks...