Thursday, October 30, 2008

red ribbon week

The theme is to be 'Drug Free'. My kids are showing their commitment....

It's 'groovy' to 'lei off' drugs so go 'color your world' drug free. Public school silliness. ;)

Who's not afraid of the camera?

Sweet, hippy little Chandler

Totally disappointed she didn't have a grass skirt but I think she got over it.

And today it's time to "Sock it to Drugs"....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

school work

School projects are always the funnest, yes?

Jaci's piece of artwork - landforms

Columbus Day masterpieces by Chandler

A couple of Robin's pieces - gotta love the hat!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

God & Me!

I gave the girls each their own devotional book today. I guess they were a hit since the big girls have each done over 10 lessons! Robin hasn't got quite as far since she needs help. I'm thankful my girls are digging into God's Word - very cool!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Robin and Rico

Robin's class has a guinea pig. His name is Rico. And Rico came to visit us over the past weekend. That's my kinda pet. One that stays for a couple days to love on and then disappears indefinitely. No cages to wash out. Minimal poo on my floors. Yay.

Robin had a blast pampering Rico for 48 hours.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

parent teacher conference

Some comments written by the girls' teachers today...

"What a sweet girl!! Chandler is always polite and friendly to myself and others around her!"

"Chandler works very hard on completing assignments on time and neatly!"

"Jaci is a delight to have in class."

"Jaci is such a blessing to have in class! She is always asking how she can help, and a breath of fresh air with her positive attitude."

about Robin "friendly to everyone. doesn't let small problems bother her."
"she is quite an artist."
about her classroom behavior, "excellent!"

Makes me one proud mamma!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

raising your kids to be leaders - a good book

Braggin' on my kid - because that's what THIS blog is for. ;)

Jaci got invited to an all-day Leadership Seminar at a local college! And that's because she's on Student Council this year which I don't believe I've blogged about but it's a pretty good story.

If you want to be on Student Council, you write a small speech and give it to your class - then they vote. In 3rd grade, she did that {very nervously} and was heart-broken when she didn't win. In 4th grade, we talked her in to trying again but she ended up being sick at home the day they gave their speeches. THIS year, she came home one day and said "I made Student Council". Wow, we didn't even know the vote was coming up or that she was getting a speech ready. You go girlfriend!

Anyways, her leadership qualities are maturing and being noticed. I'm very proud of my girl!