Wednesday, July 18, 2007

don't get me wrong

I'm going to tell you that my girls have really played together well this summer but don't get me wrong - they still fight sometimes, it seems like non-stop. But really, they are incredibly creative when it comes to playing dolls, house, church, school, library, store, etc. They will go into the basement or sunroom or their bedrooms and I can be left in my own world for literally hours.

Dense mother that I am, I asked my husband if this was really a GOOD thing. I think he was, like, 'duh, enjoy it girl.'

The only problem with their creativity is the MESS that it brings. And I have a hard time with messes. I'm really trying to loosen up but sheesh, (I'll let you in on a secret) I really like a picture-perfect house. (How's that for transparency?)

So the girls and I, we have an unspoken compromise - they can trash the house while they play but they have to pick it when it's time. So far this week, they've done really well with our deal - and I think I have too.

So we're enjoying the last drops of summer vacation around here. School starts in, what, 4 weeks I think. I haven't accomplished near as much 'training' as I had planned with the girls but I think I've decided oh well. What's a summer break for anyways? Playing house and trashing the real house, of course.

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jen at Conversations said...

I can relate to wanting the house to be picked up...not so much picture perfect...but picked up. We are working on the compromise of you play it, you put it away.

I think your girls would love High School Musical. But, if they haven't discovered it, it might be a sanity saver to just let it go. My son is 7 and my girls are soon to be 4 and it is one movie they will all sit down and watch together. Honey and I didn't even mind watching it a couple of times for family movie night. That kind of movie is a rare find indeed. Have a great weekend.