Saturday, July 28, 2007

ah, yes GRACE

Funny that my last post was titled 'Grace and more Grace'. I have child who was in need of it for the past two days.

Thursday we had a picnic in the town the kids go to school in. Chandler (6) ended up taking a library book up to the picnic tables. I told her it probably wasn't the best idea but to be sure to get it when we left. Well, wouldn't you know, heading down the interstate to the big town for the afternoon, she discovered she had left it there. Ugh. We don't live in that town, so I had no one I could call and ask to pick it up. Double ugh.

We decided to phone the library and ask them to pretty please go and get it and hold it for us. They accommodated. Thank You Jesus.

Then Friday morning.....the girls were up and ready for summer school early so they had time to play for a while. When it was time, I hollered down for them to get their shoes on and get in the car. They I thought when I saw them both in the car. We head down the gravel road a little ways when Jaci pipes up, "Chandler doesn't have any shoes on." I'm thinking, like she took them off in the car? Ah, no, she didn't put her shoes on before she got in the car! Now, we are typically a barefoot family. It's pretty normal for the kids not to put shoes on if we're just running to the church or something so it's understandable, sorta. But incredibly frustrating when we're headed to school and have to turn around. Sheesh.

I can't say I handled either situation perfectly but probably better than I would have 2 months ago. Sigh.

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Loretta Speaks said...

Graced Based Parenting sounds like a great tool. I'll have to pick it up. Thanks for sharing.