Thursday, June 28, 2007

a regular post

I started to comment on the comment on the last post and it turned out quite long (as a comment) so I'll turn it into a regular post....

It was a grace filled day. The kids did really good with the food limitations. My middle one (6) even did fruits and veggies only all day until about 5:30. If you knew our family, you'd know this is quite a feat.

The other 2 just cut out sugary things, including the beloved 'pink lemondade' which is actually koolaid, ya know. Again, a pretty big deal for them.

We had a good prayer time in the evening and I prayed blessing over them, using their name meanings as a reference. Pretty cool!

Now we just stand still and see what the Lord will do....

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JoAnna said...

Phenominal! I sooo love this idea!! I love that you fasted as a family/ & church and then came together to pray. We announced this 40 day fast to everyone, but some are and some aren't. My kids are 2 & 3. I'm thinking they are just too young still, but my husband did say that they could only watch the Godly videos during the 40.

Using their names as reference... pure genious. We name them for a reason and I actually sing their names/meanings over them, but never thought about praying & blessing with them. Isn't it funny that the overlooked profound ideas are often the most simple?