Monday, July 9, 2007

cocoa bean

This is our little CocoaBean! She will turn 4 in just 2 short weeks. She was dubbed CocoaBean by a black woman in our church who noticed how tan she is getting. You can't tell by the picture but she is DARK! We love looking at her tan lines - and her 'white butt'. So funny. She wanted this bandana tied on after I (being silly) put it on earlier tonight. But Jaci's (8 y.o.) comment was, "Well, atleast she's the right color for it!" Yeah, I guess so. Daddy called her Jemima. :o)


Cindy said...

Your girls are just beautiful! I keep forgetting about this blog- it had been a while since I'd been here. I just added it to bloglines. :) Yeah- another way for me to know you better!

Kimmie said...

cocoabean...too cute. Sunkist and beautiful...thanks for sharing. I think she looks more like a farming girl-but maybe its because I always have a bandana tied on my hair in the garden ;-) (the dog ate my vintage straw hat, I never should have taken that picture of him wearing it...bad idea).

Your children are beautiful, you are a blessed woman!

(My husband was reading your hubby's blog last night...he LOVES Bob Dylan...and really enjoyed your husbands writing style. He plans to continue to drop by ...;-)


reneegrace said...

she is so beautiful! And tan! :)

She would look a sight next to my white WHITE kids!

javamamma said...

Oops, Kimmie. PBZ is not my hubby. My Beloved does not blog...but he should!

Kimmie said...

LOL-wow, not sure how I came up with that, I guess I need to get a clue! Hmm, I won't even begin to guess how I thought that ;-) (sorry!) REgardless, Cocoabean is a cutie-you are a blessed mama!

(blushing at my goof)