Tuesday, June 26, 2007

in the middle of it all

Tomorrow has been dubbed an all church day of consecration for our local body. My Beloved has called people to fast - however they feel led - and then come for a time of prayer in the evening. Of course, in our home, this filters down to the kiddos.

We discussed tonight what they would do. I know their little minds don't fully grasp the 'fasting principle' - heck, I don't think I do. But we all know we are giving something up to show Jesus that we love Him more....more than our favorite ________. (For me, every type of physical food is my favorite so I have to give it ALL up. :o>)

So, I'm praying for grace. For me. For the girls to experience God in a real way, a way that their short years will know Him as reality. I believe this will be a sacred day in the life of our Body. Not that we've never spent time seeking Him in this way before. But, this is a NOW moment for us. And I want my girls to be right in the middle of it all.

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Cindy said...

How did it go?
What a great gift to give your girls!!