Sunday, June 17, 2007

little athlete & a clear picture

(just mamma's ramblings here. for documentary purposes.)

Jaci had Volleyball Camp last week. Four afternoons. She really liked it and apparently did pretty well. She earned a certificate that they didn't just pass out to everyone.

She also is in the middle of softball season. This is only her second year but she enjoys that too.

This opposite-of-sporty mamma has herself a little athlete in the making. I'm proud of her.


In other kid happenings....

Last Wednesday Jesus chose to reveal Himself to my girls in a very real way. We were at prayer and the kids were doing their own thing. No problem so far.

Earlier in the day, the youngest 2 were playing at the neighbor's and I told them NOT to get wet. (the wading pool was out)

So back to prayer. Jaci came in after prayer, soaked and said, "I accidentally got wet." Yeah, right. I, evidently, wasn't clear on my non-approval and she went back and continued playing in the water.

As we are just about to get in the car, Chandler comes over, soaked. She KNEW the no-getting-wet-rule so this was in the spanking realm. I gave the needed warning and we headed home.

They were both sent to put pj's on and wait for discipline. That minute I got a phone call. The neighbor, taking full blame for them both getting wet. Now, it was not his fault they got wet and I contemplated carrying out full judgment. BUT I got a Holy Spirit nudge to use this as a picture of Jesus.

They were both guilty, deserving of punishment. YET someone else was accepting full responsibility for their wrong doing. What a clear picture of the Gospel, eh?

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JoAnna said...

Phenominal example! Go momma! Lord, please give me an awareness of my children's hearts and know exactly how to yeild to Your Holy Spirit in those precious teaching moments.