Tuesday, May 15, 2007

what's that? um, a mop my darling

This happened awhile back but it's worth remembering...

For about 6 glorious months, I had a working Scooba. I loved my Scooba. My kids talked to Scooba like it was our personal pet. Then, as the lovely manual said it would, the battery died after about 6 months. Scooba wouldn't go 45 seconds and would sound his "I'm dead" alarm. We're too cheap/poor (actually read: I'd rather do something else with my $30 each paycheck) to replace the battery, sooo.....

So one fateful day, I did it, I pulled out the dreaded mop. And get this - my 3 year old looked at it with curiosity and asked "What's that?" ?!?!?!

It really hadn't been that long but I guess she became so attached to Scooba that she forgot the old-fashioned way of cleaning our tile floors!


EEEEMommy said...

The battery is going to DIE?!?!?!
No one warned me!!!!
Forget the 10 year anniversary trip, buy a new battery! ;) (Where are your priorities girl?):)

Rachelle said...

That's too cute. Reminds me of the time my niece asked my SIL "What's that?" while she was peeling potatoes. They had been eating a lot of instant potatoes. LOL

We are needing a vacuum cleaner and we've been thinking about a Roomba.

javamamma said...

When the battery is good I LOVE my Scooba, it does a great job so I'm sure the Roomba would be the same.

We have thought about a Roomba too. But I'm incredibly impressed with the Dyson and don't despise vacuuming like I do mopping. But neither on the agenda at this point.