Monday, May 14, 2007

jumping, tossing and running

Friday the kids had Field Day. We went to watch. It began as a beautiful day and turned out rather hot but it was fun all the same. Chandler won the spoon race (dashing with a small ball - instead of egg - on a spoon). And Jaci did awesome at the sack race and the running races.

Following the morning of jumping, tossing, and running was the Talent Show. We decided to stay (but later decided we could've skipped) and watch these elementary kids strut their stuff. I was so reminded of the old days of Home School Performing Arts Nights. Minus a couple country songs sung, the afternoon was filled with classical piano pieces and kids singing the current Christian pop songs. (I told you we were in an awesome school district!)

Since neither of my girls were in the show, I'd have to say that my favorite act was a Kindergarten boy who sang "Ring of Fire". Probably why this was such a hit to me is because I just watched "Walk the Line" last week and actually understood why he came up and said, "Hi, my name is Sam C." Otherwise, being the sheltered homeschool grad that I am - I wouldn't have had a clue how funny it was that he said that, let alone who even sang the song. The kid did a great job too - all lines memorized and sang on key. His mama should be proud!

So, the kids are counting down – 2 ½ days until school is out!

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