Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i guess they're a hit

I thought I'd throw a fun activity in for May - even though, my plans were zilch for the whole month of May as to get refreshed from the school year. Anyways, the 'fun thing' was to take the girls into Barnes & Noble and buy them each a book - or 2, if they could keep it under $10.

Robi-bird decided on more of a board book that is educational - like colors, shapes, etc. - but the lure was the 4 puzzle pieces on front, that can be fit in throughout the book.

Jaci went with a Junie B. Jones book, number 17 I think and an Easy Reader about 'Dash' (as in 'The Incredible's').

Chandler-bean finally decided on a Junie B. book, number 7 I think and an Easy Reader about 'Nemo' ('Finding Nemo').

I also picked up an educational workbook for each of them to take to my parents' next week. They homeschool year round and I figured my kids could have some quiet book time too, if 'Meemo' sees fit.

Also, arriving in the mail today was the first box set of Junie B. Jones books. The kids had never read any of them before but now have each finished one. And I see that Jaci is part way through a second. I guess they're a hit.

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