Saturday, May 19, 2007

summer has begun

Thursday the kids got out of school at 11:20 - for good, well, for the summer anyways. We decided to pack a picnic lunch and head over to the new playground for a couple hours before heading home.

The kids then signed up for the library's summer reading program. They were a little leery of what they were getting into but quickly jumped right in and read for the next 24 hours, with a little sleep in between!

So far our plans to kick back and enjoy the remainder of May, without an alarm clock, is going well. The house is even picked up so we're having fun but not trashing the house. Always a good thing. The weather's been fantastic so we've been outside alot. I guess that helps the house issue.

We have very few plans for the rest of the month but jump into June with a splash and swim like crazy the rest of June. The kids go to my parents the week we head to San Antonio, then back to Volleyball camp, VBS, ball games, swim lessons, a wedding or two and likely much more.

I'm enjoying the quiet of this moment for sure!

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