Wednesday, March 11, 2009

shut 'er down

It's been pert near a month since I've posted anything here. I think it's time to do what I've been thinking about and combine all blogs to one. Life has changed. Seasons change. And our life is about to do a complete somersault {more on this later - at my main blog}.

To close this blog out, here's some completely random photos I found on the camera from the last few weeks. The kids took about 100 very similar ones to the ones you see below. Gotta love this techy generation!

Chandler's turtle collection

remember THIS venture? well, the 6 weeks is up and these puppies are comin' out to be replaced by.....

...these turtles! what else? :)

And speaking of earrings, this is the 'taking out' process with Little Bird

What a drama queen!

Now for the big sister of the bunch.... (i'm pretty sure these are all self-taken)

freaks, I tell ya

And who could parent this buncha yay-who's but some a coupla crazies!


Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I'm looking forward to having everything all in one place :) I have to admit, I didn't check this one very often. I tend to read the Moving to the Rhythms of His Grace more. I didn't know about the Vox one...

reneegrace said...

I can't figure Vox out... Ok, I haven't actually TRIED. But thanks for the heads up, so I can subscribe to that one. (lazy as I am... I don't go to every person's sight)

I just love LOVE these pics of your girls. They are so cute and fun... and am looking forward to hearing the 'crazy' new direction of your life. Love it when God works and moves us around... LOVE IT!!