Thursday, February 19, 2009

public school memories

Robin is the last one up after being stirred multiple times. She moves slow. If prodded, she moves slower. She will sit in the bathroom for atleast 5 minutes, sometimes 10. No joke. She almost never eats breakfast at home because she takes too long. I usually send some juice and a cup of dry cereal with her in the car.

This 'getting up' is good for her for discipline's sake but I'm sure her bent to staying up late and getting up late will be a blessing in her future. As will her relationship with food - take it (and take alot) or leave it (completely not hungry). God has passions instilled in her even now. They just seem like flaws. :)

The other girls wake up easily, trudge into the kitchen for breakfast before their eyes are fully open. They get ready quickly and usually have time to chill or study before leaving. Jaci moves quickly while Chandler can get up earlier. And go to bed earlier.

Just a few observations over the year.

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