Monday, January 19, 2009

girl party

Well, it's a big ol' girl party when Daddy is away for a couple of weeks so today we did the ULTIMATE girl thing. Ear piercing!

Chandler is supposed to get hers for her 8th birthday in a couple weeks anyway. Somehow it seemed like a good idea just to let Robin get hers done too. It took a little convincing {by Jaci} for Chandler to agree that though it 'wasn't fair', yeah it would be OK if Robin got hers done too.

I'm not sure what Daddy's gonna say when he comes home in a couple days, but hey, he wasn't here. :)

patient and generous almost-8-year-old

ultra-spoiled baby of the family :)

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Rachelle said...

Fun! I only got to do this once, but Emily had so much fun getting her ears done. The girls look thrilled!