Wednesday, August 8, 2007

we live too close

So we surprised the kids. At the beginning of summer I had made some plans to make sure the summer didn't pass without us doing something 'out of the norm'. We got in a few crafts and the kids did a gob of reading but most of the plans that required finances - got duped. Except....the Surprise Day which was last Monday.

The kids have been looking forward to this surprise and have had no idea what it could be. We took them to a hotel in the city just 1/2 hour away. And this is why... We stayed in this particular hotel a few times before we moved to this area and the kids dubbed it our hotel. Since we moved here a little over 2 years ago, the kids have asked numerous times, "When are we going to stay at our hotel?" And our answer? "Never. We live too close."

Well, we decided to fulfill their desires and book a room. They didn't have it figured out until I actually went in to get the key to our room. Score for mom's secret behavior! They got to swim as much as they wanted, ate out twice, and got to have Belgian waffles in the lobby for free. All when we could have just driven to our house a mere 30 minutes away. Fun times in the life of a kid.

Even for my hubby and I, it was fun to escape a little bit from the mundane. Of course, we can never use the "We live too close" line again. Dang.

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