Saturday, August 18, 2007

emotionally unattached mom...

...Yeah, that's me. I think there's something really wrong with me, like I don't truly love my kids or something. I mean, shouldn't a mother who is sending her baby off to preschool feel sad or something? Shouldn't I be sent into emotional turmoil and mama bear claws of protection flare?

But no, none of that happened yesterday. I wasn't one bit hit with a nervous stomach ache as Robin boldly walked up to the preschool door. I was just....happy. Not happy that, WooHoo, my life's my OWN now. But just happy for this next chapter in life - for all of us. And, sheesh, she's been soooo excited about starting preschool, it would seem a shame for me to be sad when she is so stinkin' happy. I'm happy for her. I'm happy our lives extend beyond ourselves into the community.

So, if being happy that my kids have this life of school makes me a bad mom then, I confess. But if rejoicing with those that rejoice and strategically launching my arrows into our planet (with MUCH prayer) is OK, then maybe I'm not such a bad mom after all.


Cindy said...

I say you're a great mom for being able to enjoy this exciting time!

Emotionally unattached, no. Healthy and happy. :) (And who knows, if the first week of preschool had fallen on a different week of the month, you might have shed a couple tears! Everything is relative!)

I can't tell you how much your encouragement has meant to me this week.

That little girl is too stinking cute! I bet her teacher is going to LOVE her!

Gayle said...

Just look at her smiles. The kids of Bad-Mommies don't smile like that. I'm so happy that it wasn't heart wrenching and a little envious at the quiet time you're going to get.

I bet she's just as happy when she gets home too!

reneegrace said...

She is so beautiful!! :) and of course you aren't a bad mom!

I am so excited for school to start... next week we are going to dive in. Thad is really excited too. I guess its good I'm excited since I am the teacher :)

javamamma said...

Yeah, it's a good thing for the teacher to be excited about school! Actually, I found myself really missing planning curriculum this year. Maybe I should hire my scheduling skills out. Ha. :)

jen at Conversations said...

I guess I should confess with you. Since I teach at the girls' preschool, it's not a big deal. But I already have a party planned for August 2009 when the girls go to Kindergarten. I'll send you an invite.

ConservaChick said...

ENVY! Whew had to get that off my chest. No, I don't think you are a bad mom for not being sad... I would LOVE to unload all the kiddos for awhile. Not too long, just from about 8 - 3, Mon - Fri. Yup, I'm moping.
Hey, I haven't been around for a bit, did you ever post anything about your big church changes??? Maybe I should check your 40 days blog. ~Karlie
PS. Your kids are cuties!

javamamma said...

Nah, church news hasn't come about yet. We're still contending - Day 31 baby.