Thursday, August 16, 2007

at the edge of my seat

Jaci, ready for 4th gradeChandler, ready for 1st grade

So, today...first day of school! Our morning did not go as well as this lovely families did yesterday. But we made it. Everybody got up in time and was ready but at the last minute it started to rain which meant we needed to take the interstate instead of the gravel road. Which meant we should of left 5 minutes earlier. And when we finally did head to the car, Chandler needed to go potty first. And as I was finally the last one out the door, I realized their lunchboxes were still in the fridge. Yeah, chaos. But, like I said, we made it.

This year is number 2 in public school. Last year was our 'big change' as the older two girls went to public school for the first year. I'd home schooled Jaci from pre-school up through 2nd grade. And just started Chandler on some pre-school/kindergarten stuff. I'd felt God stirring in my heart about not home schooling since mid-year of the last home school year and then last August we took the plunge.

God confirmed that we were obedient through the entire school year and wow, it does a heart good to know you're living in obedience. The kids will continue in the same public school this year and then, as we said from the VERY beginning, we will take one year at a time. (My Beloved said that about kids too - we didn't set a number or not set a number if you please -he said, we'll take them one at a time. And so we have ....three.)

Anyways, this week brings yet another transition for our family, as little Robi-bird will head to preschool for 3 mornings a week. I've never sent any kids to preschool before. Never really thought I ever would. But after living a year in an only child mode, Robin seems to be a prime candidate for a pre-school (as in, pre-kindergarten) life. There's something about how a mother bonds with her last child that may make life more traumatic when the last one 'flies'. And this seems like the best way to make August 2008 a bit more bearable for her and me. She's pumped and has been asking WHEN she starts, for months. Tomorrow can't come fast enough for her.

I'm not sure what this year is going to be like. We still are believing for some radical changes within our ministry - life would change drastically for me then. I'm at the edge of my seat though, waiting for whatever God opportunities 2007-2008 will bring.

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jen at Conversations said...

We have a couple of weeks to go before classes start, but I start work days at the preschool Tuesday. I'm praying that you continue to feel peace about your schooling decisions.