Tuesday, April 3, 2007

not 'off the rack'

Now to post one of the things that spurred this blog....

The other day I met a long-time friend for supper. Actually my entire family accompanied me and there was several others there too - including my children and 3 other little ones.

As my youngest daughter walked up to the 'crowd', my friend commented on her outfit. "Did she dress herself today?" she asked. I responded that yeah, I guess she did. My daughter was wearing a funky green skort with a big flower on it, a t-shirt that didn't exactly match but didn't clash and....(the kicker) cowboy boots. She really didn't look bad, just not that 'off the rack' look.

So today, said daughter came down after dressing herself...
black knit pants that say 'Angel' (in PINK) across the rear - only she had them on backwards
RED 'Husker' t-shirt
PINK shawl

She's definitely her own look!

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