Wednesday, April 4, 2007

in the long run

I have had chores for the girls since they were pretty little. The list has varied throughout the years and even seasons of really no chores except getting themselves ready for the day. I've used different methods of lists - charts, index cards, etc. I've given allowance for doing chores, given allowance for only money management purposes and just handed out money for no reason at all.

I really laid off chores when they went to school this fall - instead of homeschooling, I mean. Just this week I've updated our chore system. And re-installed allowance, for money management only. Though they could earn extra money for doing extra jobs.

Robin (3 y.o) - helps unload the dishwasher daily
set napkins & silverware at suppertime
helps feed & water cat one day a week
helps clean out litter box one day a week
puts away her own clothes a couple times a week

Chandler (6 y.o) & Jaci (8 y.o)
load dishwasher (together) daily
make bed daily
feed & water cat twice a week
clean litter box twice a week
put away own clothes twice a week
clean out toilet every other week (rotate with sister)
clean bathroom sink & mirror every other week (rotate)
Chandler - set plates or bowls at suppertime
Jaci - get drinks for supper

The pet chores are new since we just got the cat. The bathroom chores are new to them too. Also the bigger girls used to unload the dishwasher while I did all the loading.

This summer, I'm going to start teaching them to prepare meals. I think I was cooking quite a bit at Jaci's age. Just tonight, I was whipping up Hamburger Helper (vote me mom of the year - ha) and thought, 'Ya know, Jaci could be doing this.'

My mom was/is excellent at teaching us all (10 kids) how to take care of household tasks. For me, it seems to be just as easy to do them myself - but not so good for my ladies in the long run. Now, if I can just remember to get the cash to give them their allowances. I NEVER have cash.

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