Thursday, June 12, 2008

family ministry

When Mitch and I headed out of KC late last night, the kiddos decided to stay at camp. They called earlier in the day and wanted to leave with us, 2 days before the camp ended - that was the original plan anyway. After visiting for a while, they both decided they would like to finish the week out. So we went to buy some undies and a couple cheap-o Wal-Mart clothes to get them through the next 4 days. (Four days because our friends are bringing them home when they come here on Sunday)

Amazing things are happening with my little ladies. Visions and God's voice in reality are their experience this week. They are being equipped to continue on this journey God has for them. More concentrated and intense than we can do as a family in many months - all happening in 5 days. I believe God's power and anointing are being imparted into our girls' lives this week. It's evident that the work God is doing in us, is not only for us as the parents, but that God is wanting to use our family in this season.

Anyhoo, here's the girls on Monday, ready for the week.

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