Saturday, April 5, 2008

all growed up

My baby just went on her first sleepover last night. (sniff, sniff) I wasn't home.

She's stayed at Memo's (my mom's) lots of times and also a couple family friend's houses, while Mitch and I were away. But that was with her sisters and was instigated by mom and dad.

Last night was her staying - with a friend - by herself. I guess she's all growed up now. I also know this because her daddy just saw her swinging outside. And she can pump all by herself. Sigh.

And while I'm in this mommy mode, can I recommend to you an amazing book that will make you cry? A teacher showed me "Let Me Hold You Longer" a couple weeks ago - she warned me to grab the kleenex. Yep, I needed it.

My Robi-bird (12/06)


Erin said...

Oh...I am so there! My 5 year old will be going to kindergarten this fall and I am already feeling the effects of "oh no...this is too soon...I better take more pictures;)" As if that will help me feel like it is slowing down!

Erin said...
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