Tuesday, March 11, 2008

one heckuva man

I've been blessed the last few weeks while observing My Beloved be Daddy to his girls. He has taken over taking the girls to school 2 mornings a week. Those 20 minute morning drives are filled with Daddy and his girls talking to Jesus in their 'tongues'. He told me their focus right now is our finances. Bless God.

And then lately {like the last 2 days} it's been really nice outside. Mitch and the three girls have been playing baseball in the front yard. Looks like they all have quite a hit when Daddy pitches to them. I've heard about more 'homers' in the last 48 hours than I have in my life.

Oh, one more. I had a Ladies Night at church last night. Mitch made chocolate chip cookies with the girls. And just know, the kitchen is not Mitch's natural habitat. The few cookies that actually got baked - they ate most of the dough - were pretty stinkin' good.

I am blessed. My girls are blessed. We got ourselves one heckuva man in this house!


Mycrazylife said...

Yes indeed you are very blessed! There is nothing better to any woman than a loving father to her children.

DidiLyn said...

Don't you just fall in love with your man when they are being great Dads? Me,too. :-)

reneegrace said...

that is awesome... i am feeling rather proud of mine at the moment. ( can I brag on your blog?) :)

I have been sick, and he does everything. Even all the extra things I started but didn't finish. Like chicken broth and hot cross buns. God is so good to have given us men like Him.

Christin said...

I LOVE it... I'm telling you our men are amazing!!!!

How cool that he and the girls pray in tongues over specific things in your life. How completely stinkin' cool!!!!!!!! How/When did you guys start that with them?

and whoever said that a daddy needed a boy to play "catch" with did NOT have a housefull of girls.