Sunday, February 3, 2008

birthday bab-ay

Happy Birthday, Chandler Hope! My middle princess turns 7 today! Chandler (Andi, for the first few years of life) is truly a 'light of hope'. She was born at the beginning of the roughest year of our lives. (church remodel, {extended} family trouble....) She brought joy in the midst of pain.

She still is our little joy bringer, the nuttiest of our girls. She makes us laugh constantly but is also the biggest snuggle-bug of the house. She's definitely 'daddy's girl'. Not only does she love on him constantly, her personality is practically identical to Mitch's.

A willing helper. A giver of MANY cards and gifts. A brilliant reader, writer and illustrator. Often the highlight of my day is reading her journal page from school - with illustrations at the top. A couple of examples....

"On Sunday my little sister pict (puked) on me. On Thursday my grandma came over. On Friday I went to a resepshen (reception)."

I'm sure the teacher loved this one. The illustration was, of course, of the puking sister.

"I need many things. I need air so I can live. I need a home so I don't get cold. I need a cat so I am not lonly."

This one was written at a time when we were contemplating getting rid of the cat. I wanted to throw up when I read this - as opposed to a good mamma who would be brought to tears. The illustration on this one? Her saying to the cat "I love you" and the cat purring back. Puh-leez. :)

She's a collector of turtles so that was our theme this birthday....


Anonymous said...

that is a wonderful turtle!! Good job!! :)

I am sorry you don't get to pirate ships and dragons :)

Cindy said...

Oh, she is so beautiful. Happy Birthday, Chandler. I hope your mommy loves you enough to ALWAYS let you have that cat you need. ;)

Great turtle cake!

Gayle said...

Happy Happy Birthday little cutie!
LOVE the turtle cake, girl!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

Wow, great cake! Happy Birthday! (sorry I'm a couple of days late)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chandler! Cool Cake- you must have a VERY talented Mommy!
Love: Lisa, Kip, Reilee and Braylon

Christin said...

Soooo...didja keep the cat?

And what is it with EVERYBODY in blogdom making all those cool cakes? Except me, that is. *wink*

Looks great!