Sunday, January 13, 2008

kids' homepage

Have you all seen this?

My kids are on the internet pretty much everyday. They go to the veggie tales site, noggin, and a few other sites. The older two each have a yahoo email address and email frequently. They get on our family calender and check off their chore lists, as well as check out the schedule for the day.

So this discovery has me pumped. Using kid-surf as their homepage, they can only go to the sites I've put in for them. You can even set a timer to shut them off when their time is up. The kids haven't got a chance to see their new set up because it's past their bedtime but I'm thinking this deal is a good'un...for all of us.


Scott said...

Thanks for this little tid bit of juicy goodness!
Always good to hear what's available out there to keep our kids safe.
And I always love your comments, you nut.

Scott said...

By the way, at my blog you asked about the requirements for taking your family on a mission trip to Mexico.
With our group, there is a registration cost per person. $500 for adults, less for children, which pays for the constructions materials and incidentals. That puts the responsibility on each family to do the fundraising for the house-build. Our children have made home-made thank you cards before for those who have contributed to the mission. Then we have to find our own way to San Diego and meet at X location at X time.
Children must be at least 4 years old, but I usually recommend parents wait until their children have at least reached the stage where you’re not worried they’ll run out into the street if their ball rolls away (for some kids that 18).
I know there are other groups too that take families over the border in this way. I definitely recommend something like this for every family at the right time.
Wouldn’t a Blog Mission Trip be cool someday? Hmmmmmm.