Tuesday, October 9, 2007

progress reports

Today was parent/teacher conferences. We weren't too concerned since we stay pretty 'in touch' anyways. I love our school system. I know we're extremely blessed and it's not this good some places (OK, most places) but God definitely has His hand in our schooling decisions. Jaci's teacher has been at that school 14+ years. And Chandler's teacher has been there 24 years.

Chandler is the little star student, excelling in everything. She is very attentive and extremely neat in her work. (That spirit of perfectionism will challenge her character in years to come) The only thing that wasn't off the charts was her ability to do push-ups in Gym class. Darn. :)

Jaci is doing fabulous. Last year started off with her having to play catch up a little, after homeschooling the first years of her life. I'm amazed at where she is now, a year later - reading, spelling, writing - all things that she somewhat struggled in last year, she's got an 'A' in! She is very driven in her desire to excel. (Keep up the drive, baby)

I'm so thankful that God has placed us in this area. Our principal is a Christian, the superintendent is too, as well as many of the teachers. The environment at the school is very peaceful and I can be as involved as I want too. Actually, just today I was asked if I was interested in being a substitute 'para' for the teachers. (teacher's aide) For sure - I like doing life with my kids.


Cindy said...

That is so great! I'm anxious to hear what my girls' teachers say, too. I'm amazed at how much they've learned and covered already. (And then my poor two who I'm homeschooling are not getting much out of me!)

Erin said...

Sounds like fantastic reports! That is great! You must be very proud. Our conferences are near Thanksgiving. One of my first graders has a new teacher(she was a sub in the last few years) and the other first grader's teacher is having a baby in a few weeks, so...we will see how that goes!

Halfmoon Girl said...

That sounds great. Did you homeschool before? I loved the furry nose story, by the way. I see you like Grace Based Parenting too. I really like his books.

javamamma said...

Yeah, after being homeschooled MYSELF since 3rd grade - we homeschooled our oldest through 2nd grade.

After moving to a wonderful 'small town' area - we felt God leading us to put the girls into public school. This is our second year and it's amazing how faithful God is. Obedience is truly better than sacrifice.

ConservaChick said...

I'm so glad things are going so well. I often wish things had worked out differently for us. We too live in a VERY good school district, but God has different plans for us... atleast for now. ~Karlie

Christin said...

HEY! I didn't know you had a second blog! Dirty little secrets,eh? ;)

I've LOVED it. ...have read through the first page so far.

Cute new bedroom walls...funny stories...gorgeous girls! I didn't even know you (also) had three girls!

So, do you have a third blog you wanna tell me about? *wink*

javamamma said...

yeah, actually i DO have a third blog. it was only for a short season though i posted on it again a couple weeks ago. find it at: