Tuesday, September 11, 2007

my kids make me laugh

After this post and the last you'll think I'm a completely heathen mamma...

This morning on the way to school, the kids were pretty wound up. Chalk it up to Daddy coming home tonight or something.

Chandler sings, *"Move your body nice, and smooth and saucy..."

Do you think she's seen 'Madagascar' too many times? I'm sure I won't laugh near as much in ten years if she really is moving her body nice and smooth and saucy but today it was doggone funny.

* That's her exact words. I'm not sure of the exact lyrics, really.


Cindy said...

Ha! My luck my kids would sing that at church. :)

jen at Conversations said...

Or request it, on the microphone, in front of the entire congregation, during children's worship time, when the worship leader asks if anyone has a song they'd like to sing.

JoAnna said...

Yeah... my just-now 4 yr old told his preschool teacher (of course at a conservative christian preschool), "I got somethin' for you Ms. Melanie! Watch!" He then proceeds to sing and act out "shake your booty"! Even better? He taught my 2 1/2 year old daughter the same thing. I don't even know where they got it. I am thinking maybe off the end of Chicken Little??